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Botulinum neurotoxin, one form of which is known as Botox, is a medication that prevents muscles from moving. This is often used cosmetically to reduce skin wrinkles depending on which muscles are targeted with this therapy.

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Is this surgery right for me?

People who are interested in this treatment may have facial wrinkles that have developed over time. Due to the strong connection between the facial muscles and the overlying skin, wrinkles may develop due to the constant movement of the muscles. This treatment aims to weaken and reduce the muscle movement, in order to improve the appearance and reduce the facial wrinkles

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What does the procedure
journey look like?

To begin your journey at Tailored Plastic Surgery, you will typically have an initial consultation to discuss your goals and see how we can help you. After a second consultation and a cooling-off period of one week, if you wish to proceed, we will schedule the surgery on a date that suits you. We will discuss the steps you need to take in the lead-up to your surgery, and also on the day of your procedure.

There may be some discomfort immediately following the procedure, and some do experience feelings of tension in the treated areas. We advise against strenuous physical activity and exercise within the first 24 hours.


The effects of the treatment do take up to 14 days following the treatment to have their full effect. Following that, the effects last for up to four months.


Four phases of plastic surgery journey. Phase 1: 1 hour consultation to discuss goals. Phase 2: Book and prepare for your surgery. Phase 3: 1 day, the procedure. Phase 4: 6-8 weeks post surgery, the recovery.

Procedure Risks

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Still unsure? Here are some FAQs..

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