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Procedure Risks

At Tailored Plastic Surgery, we understand that no surgical procedure is entirely without risks. While complications are relatively rare, it's essential for patients to be aware of potential risks associated with plastic surgery. Dr Marc Seifman and his team are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and minimising these risks through meticulous surgical techniques and adherence to sterility protocols.Like any surgical procedure, plastic surgery carries general risks that can occur in any operation. These risks may include:

Excessive Time off Work:

The recovery period following plastic surgery varies depending on the procedure and individual healing. In some cases, the recovery process may require a significant amount of time off work. Dr Seifman will provide specific guidelines and expectations for your recovery, helping you plan accordingly.

Need for Further Surgery:

In some cases, additional procedures may be required to achieve the desired results or address complications. Dr Marc Seifman will discuss the possibility of further surgeries during your consultation and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the treatment plan.

Functional Impairment:

Depending on the procedure and its location, there may be a temporary or permanent impact on functional abilities. Dr Seifman thoroughly evaluates each patient's unique situation and takes necessary precautions to preserve or enhance functionality whenever possible.

Aesthetic Implications:

Plastic surgery aims to improve aesthetics; however, there is a possibility of aesthetic concerns, such as asymmetry, shape irregularities, or contour defects. Dr Marc Seifman's expertise and attention to detail help to minimise these risks, and in case of any aesthetic issues, appropriate corrective measures can be taken.

Fat Necrosis:

In procedures involving fat grafting or liposuction, there is a small risk of fat necrosis. This occurs when the transplanted or removed fat tissue does not receive an adequate blood supply. Dr Seifman employs advanced techniques to minimise this risk and ensure successful fat grafting or liposuction outcomes.


Seroma refers to the accumulation of fluid in the surgical area. It can occasionally occur after plastic surgery procedures. Draining the seroma and implementing appropriate measures help manage this complication.

Wound Healing Issues:

While most patients experience normal wound healing, some individuals may encounter complications such as delayed wound healing, wound breakdown, or poor incision closure. Proper wound care and follow-up visits are crucial for promoting optimal healing.


All surgical procedures involve some degree of scarring. The appearance of scars can vary depending on factors such as surgical technique, individual healing processes, and postoperative care. Scarring may include issues related to placement, pigmentation, or the development of hypertrophic or keloid scars.

Excessive Pain:

Pain and discomfort are common after any surgical procedure. Dr Marc Seifman and his team will provide appropriate pain management strategies to ensure your comfort during the recovery process.

Damage to Structures:

During surgery, there is a potential risk of unintentional damage to nearby structures, such as nerves, blood vessels, or organs. Preoperative planning, surgical precision, and the expertise of our surgical team help minimise this risk.

Anesthesia Risks:

Anesthesia is an integral part of plastic surgery procedures. While rare, risks associated with anesthesia can include allergic reactions, adverse drug reactions, or complications related to pre-existing medical conditions. Our board-certified anesthesiologists prioritise patient safety and carefully monitor vital signs during the surgery.

Wound Infection:

Although we take every precaution to maintain a sterile surgical environment, there is always a small risk of developing an infection at the surgical site. Antibiotics and proper wound care are implemented to minimise this risk.

Internal Bleeding:

In rare cases, excessive bleeding can occur during or after surgery. Our surgical team takes precautions to minimise the risk of bleeding and closely monitors patients during the recovery period.

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